Painting style


Painting style

I am very interested in the expressive aspect of the painting using strong colours and structural composition. 

I like to work with acrylic paints in combination of brushes, spatulas, oil pastels and other materials. 

My most common tool, however, is the paint spatula, by which feelings of emotion and mood can be interpreted expressively and thus giving the painting its own characteristic appearance.

My expertise is:

  • abstract painting – oil, acrylic on canvas
  • structural painting
  • mixed media which involves breaking the boundaries of different art forms
  • large and small formats
  • artistic collages
  • original author’s reproductions
  • visualization of paintings in future interiors
  • graphic design (

and structural painting

I use strong acrylic paints using high quality hue pigments for my work, giving the painting a strong, pronounced colour.  For greater depth and expressive aspect of the painting, I also often use a combination of oil paints and pastels. 

The paintings are often supplemented by structures that are created using gel, pastes and various other materials applied and treated with a paint spatula that adds to the uniqueness of the painting. 


Paintings can be prepared as custom paintings for the interior with the dimensions according to the client’s wishes or it is possible to choose from a display of already finished paintings which you will find under my sales gallery of Original paintings.


I always offer a free preview visualization of the painting so the client can select any painting and see in advance what the outcome will look like.

This also allows the client to see the suitable colours and above all how the paintings will display with other interior decor to achieve the perfect result. 

Originals and author’s reproductions

If the client is looking for an affordable alternative and still wants to buy a quality work of art, I also offer reproduction copies from an original. A limited numbered series can be made by superior UV printing “under glass”.

The advantage of this method is the possibility to prepare any size from the original, according to the customer’s wishes, up to 200×300 cm and also with a high level of detail.

Reproductions are provided with information on the back of the paintings, along with the number, signature, and the original seal of quality.

Thanks to the glossy surface, it is possible to effectively illuminate the paintings to add another dimension to the image.

The resulting effect is very contemporary and state of the art. It fits perfectly into modern decor where it can complete the interior in a very stunning way and stresses its original charm. 

If you are undecided, I will be happy to prepare a visualization of the paintingsin your interior for free. You will be amazed with the result!

Artistic collages

These collages are created by imprinting acrylic and oil paints, using various structures and their subsequent scanning, arranging and post-production on a computer. By their nature, they are on the extreme edge of artistic creation and computer graphics. They are usually smaller in size and are very well suited for personal invitations, congratulation cards, or as exceptional and innovative wishes.

They can be prepared either on art paper, transferred to canvas, or framed under glass as a mat. They are usually completed with final touches and varnished.

The result is an original and non-traditional effect.

These collages are theme based. If interested, it is possible to create customized collages according to the customer’s preferences.

You can view these under the section PAINTING FOR SALE.


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