Painter and Graphic designer

Petr Kopecký

I have been working as a graphic designer for over 20 years. With vast and long experience in this field, my interest in artistic skills led me to painting. First in a digital environment and later to classical painting techniques. 

I then furthered my expertize by completing several advance courses for painting. I enjoy trying out new styles, techniques, and methods of expression.

I do not feel bound by any conventions, which gives me complete freedom and exhilaration of the work itself. 

I am very interested in the expressive aspect of painting using strong colours along with the structural composition. 

I like to work with acrylic paints, especially in combination with spatulas and oil pastels, which give the paintings the necessary dynamics. 

My favourite is free abstract creation (acrylic ,oil, mixed media), but I am also enthusiastic for classic oil painting which has unmistakable atmosphere and depth.

I convert some of the procedures and results of my work back into digital form where I create artistic layered compositions and artistic collages on various topics.

I occasionally organize exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. My paintings have been sold to America and other European countries.

A permanent exhibition of my paintings can be seen in the Passage of Czech design in Prague, Na Prikopech Street or at my studio.

The painting
is worth a thousand words

Each painting has its unmistakable energy and power to enchant each viewer. Showing the beauty and power of abstraction which has no boundaries or limitations. 

Sample of paintings can be viewed in the Passage of Czech design in Prague Na Prikopech Street, where I have a permanent exhibition, or by personal arrangement in my studio gallery. 

If you are interested in any of my paintings or author’s reproductions, contact me. It would be enormous gratification if my paintings were to bring you everyday pleasure.


reprodukce obr 2 - Petr Kopecký Malba
vizualizace obr - Petr Kopecký Malba