Digital painting


Digital painting


Whether it’s a wedding day, graduation, the birth of a child, a birthday or a memorable family celebration, it’s always a special event that deserves to be immortalized! Painting is also great as a gift, where you can gift your loved ones with something completely original.

I will prepare your photo using digital painting and dress it in a new coat.
You tell me your idea first, send me your photo and I will create a beautiful work of art that will forever remind you of the moment.
I will then have the image printed on special paper or canvas or framed on a large format. It is then up to you to choose a suitable place for the painting:)

More about digital painting

  • painting using a professional tablet and special software
  • the background can be any photo or digital object
    artistic processing of the motif
  • possibility to add a motto, quote or any text
  • simulation of art techniques (oil, watercolour, pencil/charcoal)
  • printing on framed paper, canvas, under glass or other material
  • optional final size


With digital painting, different painting techniques can be simulated and different types of digital brushes and substrates can be used. To get a better idea, you can view the gallery of realized paintings.

Creation and ordering procedure


  1. Send me an enquiry + the photo you want to repaint (using digital painting and a tablet).
  2. I will write you a price and a deadline for processing
  3. I will repaint your photo in the style of your choice
  4. You can choose the style (illustration, oil painting, drawing) and the way of framing the photo (full surface or with a white artistic frame)
  5. will send you a final proof for your approval
  6. After payment I will send you a high resolution painting
  7. Printing of the picture (you choose the desired format A5, A4, A3, individual)You choose the final look (without frame, under glass, frame)
  8. Delivery of your painting to the chosen address

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