Abstract Paintings

My name is Petr Kopecky and I am a painter and a graphic designer.

I would like to offer my original paintings created using the technique of acrylic and oil on canvas which combines dynamics, aesthetics, structural composition and a love for colours.

I like aesthetic concepts with a long lasting investment. So if you are looking for something exceptional that can invigorate and emphasize your interior and imprint a completely original style on it, then interior abstract paintings are the right choice.


Be original

I can offer you original paintings with the technique of acrylic / oil on art canvas which can illuminate your interior and imprint originality with uniqueness. I will be happy to prepare a custom made painting based on your input to further enhance your final impression.

If you want a painting to express individuality or uniqueness of your interior I would be happy to help you.

You can choose either from finished paintings, or I will gladly prepare one based on your specific dimensions.

I can offer:

  • abstract painting – oil&acrylic on canvas
  • structural painting
  • mixed media which involves breaking the boundaries of different art forms
  • large and small formats
  • artistic collages
  • original author’s reproductions
  • visualization of paintings in future interiors
  • AMADEUS – graphic design


Visualization of paintings

You are not sure about choosing the right painting? 

You cannot imagine what the interior image looks like? It does not matter.

I will create a free visualization of a selected painting from your photo. You will get an accurate idea of what the painting will look like in your interior and whether it will match your colours and accessories of your indoor decor. 

This way you can see more options so that the final impression is perfect! The result will exceed your expectations. 


Petr Kopecký

Painter and graphic designer

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